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Races ( humans) by mojojo-L
Races ( humans)
I drew this like two months ago and it's just been sitting there so I was like eehhh it's about time i submit this XD 

So these are the humans of my story The Blood of the Third Wife. 

Aedric- Aedric are a tanned skin, chubby, often green-eyed race of humans. They hail from the country of Cayseylia but it is now under Hilderon rule. Most Aerish tend to stay close to the coastline for they are excellent swimmers, fisherman, and sailors. Their style of dress is very old English/ piratey and medieval.  They tend to have darker and curly hair. To them being overweight and/or chubby is the epitome of beauty. To them it means that you have enough money to eat and can provide a stable life for a family. That doesn't mean that there aren't some Aedric out there that are skinny and that people think they are ugly. It just means that they will have a harder time finding a partner. They are a very open race who like to speak their mind but with manners. 

Aureus -Aureus are the dominant human race. They have a light to tan complexion with varying hair and eye colors. They, as a race, are tall ( not as tall as Norrlanders ) with long faces that at most times are set in a neutral look. Their clothing style is a very medieval look. They value hard work and being knowledgeable. Aureus hail from the country of Roma which is the ruling Empire on the continent of Tethos. Their empire is called the Imperial Empire. Aureus women are given the same amout of schooling and everything else as the men are. They like practical thinking over emotions, so they are often ridiculed for always being stone faced. 

Hilderon -Hilderon are a very snobbish race. They are a light skinned race with varying hair and eye color. They pride themselves as being the best of the best. Hilderon tend to think that they are better than everyone else, except for the High Elves. They can be racist and look done on others just for not being Hilderon. Their style is a rococo mixed with the Itailian Renaissance. They value a beauty and riches. The Hilderon Kingdom "donated" a large sum of money to the empire to keep their  Cayseylia territory. Upper class women can get education but are more valued to be a homemaker while men are the ones with more say and education. There is a great division between the upper class and the lower classes. They also do not allow same sex marriage.

Oshienn -Oshienn is a race of humans that have darker skin and hair with blue and brown eyes. They would a mix of Inuit and Aztec style. Oshienns from Nofkiin have a more Inuit style for they have to deal with cold weather. Oshienns on the island of Sufkiin are more of an Aztec style for they live in a more tropical region. Oshienns on Unkiin are a mix of the two styles. Oshienns are great swimmers and fishermen. They are very family oriented. They value a good meal and laugh. To them family is the most important thing in life. There are three tribes with three Chiefs, one for every island. Unkiin is considered the homeland. Oshienns love tattoos and each tattoo represents something of importance in their life like their craft or if they are a warrior or scholar. They believe in water spirits and the Great Goddess. Men and women are equals and have the same education. When they are grown they are allowed to choose what craft they wish to pursue. 

Ashkienn -Ashkienns are a race of humans who have dark skin, hair, with sometimes dark and blue eyes. They call the Great Plains of Akna home. Their style would be a mix of Innuit and the Great Plains Native Americans clothing. Some Askienns who live closer to the borders tend to mix their clothing style with a medieval look too.Their land is very fertile, therefore they are a large food provider of food for the rest of the continent. Askienns have a great green thumb and love growing anything they can. They value hard work and family. Women have a somewhat equal footing to their male counterparts, but the men have the finale say. They have several tribes with several chiefs under the rule of the Great Chief. Women's education consist of farming, sewing, cooking, and taking care of their home. Men's education consisted of farming as well along with hunting, reading and writing. Ashkienns too when they come of age can take a craft they love on the side and sell/trade it for goods. They tend to be a more serious race around outsiders but are very warm to loved ones. They also have great relations with the Oshienn tribes and the Wood Elves. They worship earth spirits along with the Sacred Life Tree. 

Norrlander -Norrlanders are a hardy race of humans. They are the tallest and strongest among all men They have light skin and varying hair and eye color; though blonde hair is a dominant trait. They live in the cold and harsh country of Vahlenfall. Their skin is somewhat resilient to the harsh temperatures there. Norrlanders style consist of a viking and Celtic mix. In their society men and women are equals. They value hard work,loyalty, strength, good food, a warm fire, and a good adventure. Norrlanders are known for their strength and great fighting skills. They also make great blacksmiths; not as good as the Dwarrows of course. Their country is divided up into different regions each governed by a ruling clan. The clan is ruled by the head of the ruling family who is referred to as a Thane. The Thanes are then ruled by the Jarl of Vahlenfall. Each clan wears a different kilt that has its own color. They severely dislike High Elves, but get along with their neighbors the Dark Elves. They are cautious around outsiders, but prove your valor and you're welcomed with a hearty laugh and a bear hug.

Sudornic -Sudornic are a tall, dark skinned race of humans. Their style is a mix of middle eastern and ancient Egyptian. They have dark skin, eyes, and hair. They love wearing bright colors and silky robes. Sudornic have an open society where men and women are equal in everything. They live in the southern country of Suiena. The Sudornic are widely known for their exotic fruits and foods, and for having the most amazing fashion and clean cities. They value women more than other human races for their ability to give birth and for their closer connection to the Goddess.  They are ruled by lords and ladies but are ultimately ruled by the Queen.  They value knowledge above almost everything. The Sudornic are also known for being great with poisons. In their society they do everything in their power to make sure their people do not go hungry or wanting. The Sudornic are a very welcoming race to outside races; although they are cold to some Hilderon. They are a very powerful Kingdom. 

Umic - The Umic are a race of humans who also live in Suiena. They are a race of people with tan/dark skin with raven black and brown hair. Their eyes are different shades of brown and yellow.  The Umic live in the great desert of Suiena called the Stormlands for there are always sand storms happening. If one wanted to cross the desert they would have an Umic guide them. Umics are very skilled warriors. They are the fastest and most agile of all men. Umics are known to be quick to temper and ready to fight. They are also very sarcastic. They are mostly known for being great lovers and great thieves. Umics are resistant to diseases and some poisons. However, they don't do so good in the cold. The Umic people are a very secretive race who do not trust so easily. To earn an Umic's trust would be a great gift; and to lose one's trust could mean your very life.  It is rumored that the great assassin group was started by a Umic in Suiena many ages ago. The Umics and Sudornics are great allies.

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